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Capacity company profile

General introduction

Company introduction.
Company name: Tien Minh Technology Co., Ltd

Transaction name: Tien Minh Technology Co., Ltd

Short name: TIEN MINH M & E

Founded: April 10, 2010

Business License No. 0309915877

Address: 187/11 Bach Dang - Ward 2 - Tan Binh District - Ho Chi Minh City

The process of formation and development
Tien Minh Engineering Co., Ltd is formed from 1 mechanical section of Mechanical and Mechanical Joint Stock Company No 9 (COMA9). Over time working with the continuous growth of electromechanical parts in Mechanical Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company No. 9. The electromechanical division has decided to establish a separate company specializing in supply and installation M & E systems for civil & industrial construction - Tien Minh Technology Co., Ltd. Since its founding, the company has clearly defined its field of activity and development in the field of construction and supply of electromechanical materials for industrial and civil construction.

In the process of formation, operation and development, the Company has now become one of the strong units in the field of construction and supply of electromechanical materials for civil works as well as in industry.

In order to meet the increasing demand for work, the company always improves the capacity and potential of production staff; Always build a team of good managers; a team of skilled technicians who are skilled, skillful workers as well as construction & commissioning system of construction equipment, professional design - advanced modern to keep up the trend of integration the international economy as it is today.

With the desire to cooperate together to promote the capacity-potential-advantage of each other, Tien Minh Technology Co., Ltd. always works in the spirit of cooperation and mutual development.

Special thanks.

2. Areas of business.

2.1. Construction activities:

Advising customers on the package solutions of electrical equipment.

Supply and installation of electrical systems (including medium and low voltage systems)

Supply and installation of light electrical system (camera, network, telephone ...).

Supply and installation of air conditioner systems (industrial and civil).

Supply and installation of fire protection system

Supply and installation of public water supply and drainage system

2.2. Business activities:

We are the official supplier and distributor of equipment:

Tien Minh Technology Co., Ltd constantly develops and develops to be one of the prestige and top quality companies in the field of construction works as well as providing materials and equipment in the electricity industry.

3. Management structure.

3.1. Organizational Chart Tien Minh Company.

3.2. Schematic of affiliated companies

Occupational safety rules are compiled in accordance with TCVN 5308 - 91 and are subject to specific work and the Company also undertakes to comply with the Employee Safety Regulations.

The Company establishes a labor safety supervision team to carry out the training, inspection and handling of cases related to occupational safety.
In the case of multiple construction units at the same time and in the same place, they shall be coordinated with those units in the formulation of the Occupational Safety Measures and the establishment of joint safety inspections and inspections. present.
Weekly must focus on labor safety at least once.
Workers working on site must meet all standards
The working age is regulated by the State of Vietnam.
Have a health certificate.
Have a certificate of study and a safety check.
To buy social insurance, accident ...
Prohibit alcohol, beer and smoking before and during work.
Prohibition of throwing and throwing materials and tools. There must be a bag or a toolbox.
Must use the right personal protective equipment is allocated: shoes, hard hats, uniforms neat.
Do not apply at the same time on two or more levels above a vertical level without a safety device for the person working below.
When working at a height of 2m or more or not at that height, but under the workplace has dangerous obstacles, must be equipped with seat belts or nets, floor protection. The seat belts must be of good use: tight ropes, good locking hooks and easy opening and closing.
After finishing work one or more days, it is necessary to check the safety conditions before proceeding.
Construction in the basement, enclosed tanks have the means to prevent toxic gas, landslides and always have people outside to keep in touch.
Lighting arrangement.
Equipping medical equipment first aid.
To set up the labor safety diary of the construction site with the full status of the accident, accident, remedy and handling of violations.


Always ask the person in charge of occupational safety if you are reluctant or do not know how to safely do the job.
Help novice newbies by showing them the dangers that may occur.
Employees must promptly notify the safety officer of the deficiency caused by equipment, tools, tools and protective equipment.
Thoroughly study the hazards to others before starting work.
Only operate the equipment that you have been trained and authorized to use.
Danger signs, signboards and control panels must not be moved or altered.
Prior to climbing, shoe soles should be cleaned and checked for mud or oil.
Prohibition in the field.